Attention managers, small business owners, and human resource personnel:

  • Are you often lost for words in correcting inappropriate behavior?
  • Are you beginning to wonder if you like being in charge?
  • Is your highest functioning employee bullying others?
  • Are you increasingly unsure of how to communicate authority and fairness simultaneously?
  • When was the last time you felt confident about a productive approach with dissenting and contrary employees?

These are questions that confront managers, supervisors, and business owners who contact Dr. Pam Straker.

Meltdowns can easily occur in office settings. Mounting personal and work-related stresses, financial concerns, multi-tasking, company budget reductions, additional job tasks, and ego-driven backlashes are just some of the circumstances you are required to manage. It’s easy to see how gossip, personal attacks and other unproductive activities can get out of control.

When eyes begin to glaze over and performance and production begin to suffer, how does an effective and efficient manager respond? What do you do when workplace drama leads to counterproductive clashes, crippling productivity and an overall decrease in job satisfaction? What do you do to build a spirit of collaboration, respect, and mutual benefit?

Dr. Pam Straker is a psychologist and workplace strategist for managers, small business owners, and HR personnel who want to establish productive environments for peak performance. She provides workplace solutions and strategies that build a spirit of collaboration, respect, and mutual benefit.